Have You seen my new IXoS shoes?

I choose my preferred models 09 10 and now I’m walking in my new IXoS shoes.11 12 16 17 19 22


IXOS story

The Story of IXOS


Founded at the end of the 50s by the Malloni family, the company underwent several evolutions through the years. After having successfully overcome the first generational point, thanks to the launch of Ixos, the expansion phase started first in Italy and then abroad.
In 2000, because of this development and thanks to the smarts of Fabio Malloni and Floriana Orsetto, respectively managing director and creative director of the group, the company entered the luxury clothing segment with Malloni.
It was back then that the Malloni Group Spa started, a company that nowadays shows, in addition to enormous human and professional resources, a detailed distribution and an ever-growing retail division.

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