Mr. LeoN Lucev


He is one of the best Croatian actors.


Lučev had his feature film debut in Vinko Brešan‘s 1996 comedy How the War Started on My Island. Since then he frequently appeared in a number of Croatian and Bosnian films, including two drama films directed by Jasmila ŽbanićGrbavica (2006) and On the Path (Na putu, 2008).

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Lučev won the Golden Arena for Best Supporting Actor award at the 2008 Pula Film Festival, the Croatian national film awards, for his role in Vinko Brešan’s 2008 film Will Not End Here (Nije kraj) and the Best Actor award at the 2008 Sarajevo Film Festival for Goran Rušinović‘s film Buick Riviera.[1]





Text from Wikipedia


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