Oh…that gorgeous IXoS shoes

Choose your preferred one and…

X13E00010-003STA050 X13E10032-013CAA100 X13E15028-017MMK388 X13E15031-022MSK393 X13E15033-010MMK380 X13E20037-003ST4360 X13E25046-001MAM300 X13E30033-009CLK379 X13E35031-011MSK385 X13E45023-011MSK384

go to walk in your new IXoS sHoes!X13E45023-023-011MSK383 X13E45024-009CLK378 X13E45027-020GMK136 X13E45028-056CMK440

From this week all models available in our shop, IXoS Porec and soon on our ixosonlineshop.com



2 thoughts on “Oh…that gorgeous IXoS shoes

    • Hi.
      I’m sorry but 40 is the biggest size what we have from this model. In the next ten days we will start with ixosonlineshop.com so you will see all available models.
      Best regards

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