HaiR tRends for SummeR 2013 – part 1

The colour and haircut we choose says much about us and is more personal than even the clothes we wear, And, like our clothing, much of that comes down to what’s in fashion each season as well as what suits us best.


Here is the hair trends guide for summer 2013.

Trend: Super-Straight

You needn’t rid your hair of all its natural waves and kinks, just blow-dry your locks using a large barrel brush for a sleek finish.

proste_wlosy super straight bangs super-straight-ba-0707-de

Trend: Wet Look

Be bold and brave this season with grunge-tastic wet-look locks.

Add some gel through the roots of straightened locks and gently comb back into place. Add a healthy dose of rock ‘n’ roll attitude to finish.

picture-11 wet-hair-look wetwetwet25-600x901

Trend: Low-Slung Buns

Too busy for complex down-dos? This trend is your new best friend – the easy-peasy low-slung bun is back with a bang and chicer than ever.

Pull your hair back and secure in a low ponytail and use a comb to smooth any bumps before twisting your ponytail into a bun and securing with a hair-tie. Simples.

00240h_592x888 553020_507255032645444_139843106_n AAAADHBtN6kAAAAAARBaGg

Text by Glamour


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